The Primal Pantry Hazelnut & Cocoa Bars (18 x 45g)

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The Primal Pantry Hazelnut & Cocoa Bars are a delicious paleo and primal energy or snack bar ideal for times when hunting / gathering a paleo meal proves tricky!

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The Primal Pantry Hazelnut & Cocoa paleo bars (18x45g)

Suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans

Grain-free bars are made with 100% real food. Food you were born to eat!

The Primal Pantry bars don’t use dried fruit that contains vegetable oils, sugar or sulphites as commonly found in other snack products.

All bars are made with 4-5 Real Food ingredients. They are hand made and cold pressed (not heated) here in the UK.

Gluten, grain, refined sugar, soya, dairy, GMO and vegetable oil free.

We also use an organic coconut which doesn’t contain sulphites (preservative) which is commonly used in dried coconut products.

Ingredients: Dates, Hazelnuts, Almonds, Organic Cocoa, Organic Vanilla, Almond Oil, nothing else!

Weight1 kg